sandra gould, 1999

dateline burbank:
actress on bewitched,
who played the nosy neighbor
forever peering out her window
craning to see such strange doings
at the home of darrin stephens
and his wife the witch
has died at 73
of a stroke july 20.
miss gould
played gladys kravitz from 1966-72
and just in case you need to know,
the kravitz character was played by actress
alice pearce from 1964-66;

oh did they think you quite the bitch, miss gould,
believing you could play the witch, miss gould?

miss gould’s other
credits included roles
on tvland staples
I love lucy, my three sons, the twilight zone,
(tho’ what actor over the age of 50
didn’t guest at least once on that one?)

also friends and veronica’s closet.
on the big screen she appeared in
the ghost & mr. chicken and
the barefoot executive;
and on radio she was miss duffy
on duffy’s tavern;

oh what was your purpose here, miss gould,
and just might you have been queer, miss gould?
oh it doesn’t matter anyway, miss gould,
we’d still have loved you either way, miss gould.

she was the quintessential miss,
she will be missed essentially
by many of her peers,
and existentially
by those who went before her
for she was preceded in her death
by both dicks
york and sargent,
as well as agnes morehead,
the lovely liz montgomery,
and not to mention alice,