Llano Estacado

In eastern New Mexico
through the brown-dry haze,
dust devils are scouring
the body of the land clean –
ravine lines of dramatic ledge,
broken edge raw & exposed:
rock gray bone, dirt pink flesh
mud red muscle, caprock skull..
dread Texas and the incessant prairie wind.

Climb up onto the vastness of the plain,
follow the cow paths through
a wildamber of grabatcha grass;
sparrowhawks kite the currents here,
migrating geese target the grain fields,
flying low over the stubble.

Dusk at Wildorado;
hurry – get out of the car! These
trees filling up with dark birds,
roosting for the night –
for one brief moment
the roar of wind
drowned out by song;
and a gentle fury of wings.