big pine rhapsody

we dust we dry day we chant the cloud away
we heat salt valley
ice & palisade-
we bract & blossom petal open
we sap the splendor bristlecone seedling
we shake the pine
we needle shine..

we climb we cling & faultline old gold mine
we slag & slate tectonic plate-
we slope & scale the rock
the rusted rail,
we vein the quartz cave
we cascade..

we track we black jackrabbit run
we mouse jump the nuthatches’
we muledeer-notch the trail
we raven soar we quail
we coyote wail
this big pine tune..

we loom we east sink deep soda spring
we sing strong the pronghorn
pinyon moon
we shadow long we shoshone song
we juniper skies
we jupiter rise..

we pulse we radiate we comet contemplate
we spin & spark in darkness
arc the night
we split the summit white snow bright
we shoot the starry dolomite..
grand view,
we soul ignite!