Grateful Acknowledgment is made to the editors of the following publications in which these poems first appeared, sometimes in somewhat different form, and for their generous support of this work and of contemporary poetry in general.

CityWorks San Diego City College: Tremble; Washing down Chinatown

Dan River Press: A Junco in a snowy Fir; Anniversary/Weather; Another Cello Song (for Melody); A Transcendent Blue; Canadian Guitar; mz, the elder Johnson & I; Nude Descending/transcending; Sagittarian; the Turning to tears; Valentine’s Day (north of Santa Barbara)

Drift Wood Highway: Blue Mundo; Like the Mountain she Hushes with her Nightsinging (for Lizzie); Little falling persons; Poet as Lepidopterist; While you were gone (for Bob)

muse apprentice guild: the Small get by (for Dixie)

San Diego Poetry Annual: Lane called Canyon

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