Robt O’Sullivan Schleith

..currently hosts the monthly poetry reading with Escondido Arts Partnership at the Municipal Art Gallery ; hosted the Poetsperformance readings in San Diego until 2003; is the (retired) founder of the San Diego Poetry Slam, and editor of the Drift Wood Highway series of poetry anthologies, which ran from 1998 thru 2002; serves as one of five regional editors for the San Diego Poetry Annual.

His poems have appeared in print with Dan River Press, North Woods Press, Northern Virginia Review, City College CityWorks anthologies, the San Diego Poetry Annual and The Philosophical Library’s ‘Paths‘; on-line his poems have appeared in Poetry SuperHighway, the Map of Austin Poetry, muse apprentice guild, and Sun Runner Magazine.

Robt publishes under his mother’s name O’Sullivan, as well as his stepfather’s name Schleith, to honor both of them with his poems.