Hexagram 52: One Interpretation


Bowing to the Sun, toes are unmoving;
summer sun on spine,
6 in the 1st place (broken)-
perseverance furthers.

In the chaparral, calves are still;
bees at the buckwheat,
6 in the 2nd place (broken)-
these are your fears then-
he cannot save or rescue who does not turn to listen.

Leaning towards the Earth, hips are still;
9 in the 3rd place (unbroken);
the sacrum stiffens- the heart suffocates.

A warrior without blame, his upper body unmoving;
6 in the 4th place (broken), the Whole
is quiet then- gone Desires.

Reaching for tree limb, jaws are still;
6 in the 5th place (broken)-
it silences any thunder- there are no regrets.

Fortune in the highest stillness,
9 in the 6th place (unbroken)-
these are your dreams then-
there is an ample end
keeping still on this mountain
upon mountains.


Keeping still so that
he no longer feels his body,
he could walk into the zocalo &
not see the people milling about.

In the northeast
is where all things begin & end;
birth & death pass one into the other.