crossroads, after a painting by Karen Moreland with the same title 

damn I’m ready to – I oughtta,
I just really oughtta I don’t know,
maybe just take off outta here,
grab my board, try & hitch a ride..
see, first my girl says she wants to take it to the next
level  y’know, she thinks the suburbs are the shit,
cuz the rents are cheaper & the jobs pay
more & the schools are better,
y’know in case we
have a couple kids or something.
and my bud says we’d be better off to just take our
guitars and head for the city,
says we’d see way more action there,
score some gigs, maybe sign some contracts
or something since we
play all of tame impala & the foo fighters
note fucking perfect plus
he just finished writing his first song,
says he wrote it for me whatever that means
and my dad is all
you don’t need to think about anything
except college in the fall young man
and every
time I even mention taking same time off for myself
first he’s all where’s this money coming from,
out of thin air or are you tapping
out some muni or some reit you been hiding from us

and my mom is always laughing of course
’cause she thinks he’s a real comedian
and I’m all heh heh funny.. look,  just hand over
the effin amex & all your dumbass questions & quite possibly
maybe all of life’s transcendent mysteries will be answered, ok
and so yeah
my girl, she wants me
to get a job to get a ring,
wants me to set a date to settle
down, get married y’know
and my bud, my best boi
he wants – I mean,
well – he just ..
hell, he just wants me..
and so yeah I think I oughtta,
think I gotta blow outta here pretty asap, dudes;

whoa – does anyone know, will greyhound get ya anywhere close to belize just maybe?